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Linkdump for October 4th

by Rob Friesel
  • Mary Elizabeth Williams, writing at

    Romney made the error of looking like a man who is not on the side of innocence, whimsy, learning or childhood. Nor did he seem to grasp that Big Bird is an integral part of a show that was created for and remains at its core about community and diversity…

    (tagged: politics )
  • Ross Andersen, writing at The Atlantic:

    The search for Dyson Spheres is, in essence, a search for Type II civilizations. And because it is premised on a civilization's energy usage, it has another advantage over efforts like SETI's: It allows us to find aliens that aren't necessarily interested in talking to us.

  • If I say the width is 200px, gosh darn it, it's gonna be a 200px wide box even if I have 20px of padding.

    Pro tip from Paul Irish.

  • Nicholas Zakas this time. He makes it sound more like TypeScript : JavaScript :: Sass : CSS. His take is a good one, and I'm particularly keep on the point he makes when he's talking about his "bias" — that the solution to our JavaScript problem is better education about the language, and not just more/different meta-languages on top of it.
  • Still not totally sure what to use this for, but pretty near.
    (tagged: specificity CSS )

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