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Linkdump for January 15th

by Rob Friesel
  • Randal S. Olson on Rmagic, a tool that allows you to execute R code more/less from within your Python scripts:

    Rmagic lets me pass my data to R, run the R function on the data, then seamlessly return the data back to Python before I start having nightmares about using R again.

    I think he may be a little hard on R here, but there's a strong case for using a library like Rmagic to bridge the gaps between these two languages depending on what your toolkit's needs are.

    (tagged: R Python Rmagic )
  • If you want to write idiomatic Groovy, this here is a treat. (Would have liked a little table of contents at the top, but that's just me.)
    (tagged: Groovy )
  • Looks like a pretty good checklist.
    (tagged: webdev )
  • By Wolfram Kriesing, writing at the uxebu blog. A details post about using custom matchers in Jasmine, and a good case study in why, if you're already going to the effort of writing the tests, that you should go all the way and write sensible test names, and have those test reports make sensible reports when things go wrong.
  • By Ben Sheldon. Not the first blog post to take on this discussion, but a good one. He gets into enough of the technical details to make it worthwhile, and I appreciated his points around "why not".
    (tagged: JavaScript Node.js )

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