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Linkdump for January 18th

by Rob Friesel
  • John Resig on internationalizing a Node/Express app. If you've never internationalized an application before, it's a pretty good survey of the intricacies and techniques and worth the read. I'm a little skeptical about using sub-domains for different languages — especially if you're already planning to use the Accept-Language header — but there's something to be said for simply using your output phrases as your keys. (Although I wonder about how you would manage tokenized strings as your keys…)
  • The new jQuery Plugin Registry has launched. Looks pretty sweet. I'm optimistic that this will catch on as the canonical source for jQuery plugins, and that the jQuery Foundation can drum up enough volunteers to keep this thing relevant and fresh.
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  • At InfoWorld.
  • Jafar Husain, Senior Developer at Netflix:

    The Reactive Extensions library models each event as a collection of data rather than a series of callbacks. This is a revolutionary idea, because once you model an event as a collection you can transform events in much the same way you might transform in-memory collections.

    I haven't watched the interview yet, nor worked through the interactive tutorial, but I'm very intrigued by this idea and want to give it a further, in-depth study.

  • By Julie Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong, for The Chronicle of Higher Education. The article is oriented more toward academics and academia, but many of these suggestions/resolutions are excellent no matter what your field is. I particularly liked number 5.
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