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Linkdump for October 24th

by Rob Friesel
  • Brian Droitcour:

    Can a selfie be art? I think so, but it would entail discarding the conventions of subjecthood of the public sphere both for artists and for art—the artist as a singular figure creating singular works of art—and instead thinking of art as an everyday activity.

    (tagged: selfie art culture )
  • Ben Nadel illustrates an interesting technique for taking your client-side errors in an AngularJS app and using ajax to POST them to a server-side log aggregator. (Though he doesn't specifically speak to the server-side log aggregator piece…) Also: if you were thinking "why didn't he use a decorator instead of overriding $exceptionHandler?" — that's mentioned in the comments.)
  • A screed by Ben Darlow which reads as slightly controversial, but also slightly common sense. (Side note: I’m surprised I haven’t seen more chatter about it.) The key take-away is that your focus needs to be on writing semantic and meaningful (and thus maintainable) mark-up and CSS, and not trying to eek out a specious performance gain through “tricks”. Again: seems like common sense, but part of the post takes a dig on OOCSS and BEM.

    Speaking for myself, I agree with his points, but the digs on OOCSS and BEM seems like needless asides. The value in those “frameworks” (philosophies?) has always seemed to me to be about getting teams to agree on a common way of thinking about and thus organizing their CSS — which seemed to be one of Darlow’s most important points. In fact, all of the important lessons here would be just as strong if OOCSS and BEM were never even mentioned.

    At any rate: read it, it’s worth the time and the cognitive bandwidth.

    (tagged: CSS )
  • It's just so incredibly cool that Grigorik did this. I'm more impressed by him every time I see something from him. And I just love love love his transparency about this. Remember: fiction or non, writing books isn't magic, it's hard-fucking-work.
  • Mark Boulton:

    The problem is this: The question content people ask when finishing adding content to a CMS is ‘how does this look?’. And this is not a question a CMS can answer any more – even with a preview. How we use the web today has meant that the answer to that questions is, ‘in what?’.

    He focuses on websites and/but see also: email and/or any other way that your "online" content might get syndicated, repurposed, republished, or in any other way reused.

    (tagged: wysiwyg )

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