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Linkdump for March 25th

by Rob Friesel
  • James Lewis & Martin Fowler:

    There’s no reason why this same approach [Amazon’s “you built it, you run it”] can’t be taken with monolithic applications, but the smaller granularity of services can make it easier to create the personal relationships between service developers and their users.

  • Good write-up by Sean Fioritto on how to use flexbox layouts in "real" projects. He covers four scenarios (including when to use the flexie.js kinda-sorta polyfill) and talks about some of the pitfalls of each. He doesn't go through the basics of the flexbox syntax, but he's kind enough to link out to some good resources on the subject.
    (tagged: css flexbox )
  • How have I not seen this before now? The matchers are an obvious win, but even more exciting are things like HTML fixtures and event spies. Yes, yes, and yes.
  • Amjad Masad, writing about one of the most exciting up-coming ECMAScript features. Object.observe should simplify (and give performance boosts to) a lot of MVC-type application code.
  • By Jose Aguinaga; no pithy sound-bites to pull out, but a couple of thought-provoking statements. I don't agree with every little bit (e.g., some of the most successful front-end engineers that I know don't have CS backgrounds, though they do have a respect for the discipline), but most of what he says is right on.

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