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Daily Archives: September 8, 2014

Anne Lu: Testing with Casper-Phantom-Mocha-Chai

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Testing with Casper-Phantom-Mocha-Chai – Anne Writes Code:

A good introductory blog post by Anne Lu about using Mocha (with Chai) in combination with CasperJS. It hits the essential points about using CasperJS, and also shows how simple it is to plug in a third-party test apparatus like Mocha. (Oddly though, her post lacks links to Mocha and Chai and I feel like some readers might get caught off-guard by the “language chains” feature of the casper-chai library.)

the programming equivalent of staring at the abject

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“But it has always seemed to me that confronting unfathomable code is the programming equivalent of staring at the abject, of slowing down to peer into the carnage of a car wreck.”

“The Beauty of Code”, an excerpt from Geek Sublime, by Vikram Chandra, as it appears in Paris Review.