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Nash on Joint Cognitive Systems

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Ghosts in the machines:

It feels intuitively right: computers are better at plugging through repetitive information very quickly, humans are better at context-specific, qualitative judgments about that information. But the problem with this approach is that day-to-day tasks in the world we all operate are not so neatly composable in this way — we are constantly moving between a variety of tasks that could be more easily done by either machines or humans.

Hits on a lot of good points. Implicit here (viz., not called out) is the fact that if DevOps is about increasing the humanity of designing, implementing, and managing big systems (and make no mistake: that is what it’s about) then the notion of Joint Cognitive Systems becomes very important. “Divide and compensate”, MABA-MABA approaches arguably just turn the operators into slaves of the automators automation, and potentially make things even more chaotic.