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recent media round-up

by Rob Friesel

[tag]Brokeback Mountain[/tag]. Very average. Maybe just hyped to the point where it couldn’t possibly deliver? I must say that I walked away pretty numb. Acting performances were in the “good” to “excellent” range and it certainly started well enough. (The first 30-45 minutes are brilliant.) Unfortunately, it can’t keep its own pace and slows down […]

Beggars In Spain

by Rob Friesel

Last night I finished re-reading [tag]Nancy Kress[/tag]’ novel [tag]Beggars in Spain[/tag]. I’d read it once before when I was quite a bit younger. (High school, maybe?) An interesting [tag]sci-fi[/tag] read, it toys with a near-future scenario where genetic modifications are relatively commonplace and an arguably separate race of [tag]Sleepless[/tag] are created as a consequence of […]