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Linkdump for January 6th

by Rob Friesel

Semantics in HTML 5 at A List Apart : If we continue to be clever with the existing constructs of HTML, more problems such as this will arise. But HTML suffers from a fundamental defect as a semantic markup language—its semantics are fixed, not extensible. (tagged: webdev html5 accessibility microformats essay todo ) Return of […]

a two-thirds baked idea about taxes

by Rob Friesel

I’m thinking that Americans (i.e., “we” and/or “us”) need to get over this bullshit obsession we have with taxes.  I’ve been thinking about this recently and I’m convinced that the mythologizing of the Boston Tea Party and that blasted James Otis quote have undermined us from the beginning. I can’t remember an election cycle (Presidential […]

on bailouts and taxes

by Rob Friesel

In the midst of all this “Great Bailout of ’08” stuff, I have tried to keep myself contemplative and distant.  Economic woes being what they are, they certainly touch on all households when they get to this magnitude but it seemed wise to keep a positive outlook on it1.  Aside from the occasional link and a bit […]