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Daily Archives: October 4, 2003

mac addict.

by Rob Friesel

Fuel to the fire: What the hell is wrong with Apple that they still give a damn about design and packaging and “feel”? This is what Apple does. This is what they are known for and why their design team is so famous and why they win so many awards and why they engender such […]

just plain weird.

by Rob Friesel

Has something every been just so weird that you were just in awe over how truly bizarre it was? So bizarre that you just couldn’t help but… Well, “fascinated” isn’t the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind: “It is concluded that the mallards were engaged in an “Attempted Rape Flight” […]

cheap or speedy.

by Rob Friesel

Broadband: Pick Cheap or Speedy, Blogged similar points before re: this debate. DSL’s main advantage over cable is that it’s a dedicated line. Again though, DSL remains an option really only if you’re in a relatively urban area and just down the block from the central switch. Cable still beats it on speed. Unfortunately, the […]