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Daily Archives: January 12, 2005

Big Ideas from Big Blue?

by Rob Friesel

IBM announces it is more/less opening up approximately 500 patents to open source developers working in areas “such as image processing, human language processing, user interfaces and data handling.” An interesting part of this, I thought: Over 30 patents were generated from within IBM Canada, many from IBM’s Toronto Software Lab. Brings to mind the […]

Mmm… Robot.

by Rob Friesel

Neat feature on Wired re: ethics for the robot age. Though its less ethics and more “what if” speculation with some ethical questions thrown in. My favorite: 3. Should robots excrete byproducts? When cars were invented, no one imagined that hundreds of millions of them would spew carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. But they do, […]

Mac is t3h mini.

by Rob Friesel

As promised, we’re back to follow up on my headless speculation (and my debunkery…) and put a few items out about the Mac mini right off the bat. Like some people, I think that there’s a lot to like in this little package. And I go back and forth on whether/not I think it will […]