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Daily Archives: February 27, 2005

Starting Login Window…

by Rob Friesel

iBook Design Flaw: The battery pops out a little too easy. Biggest problem with that? About 20% of the time, if the battery pops out, it throws the system into a state of panic. Symptoms include (1) a very long wait on the “Starting Login Window” phase of the boot cycle, (2) a very long […]

Um… Uh… What…?

by Rob Friesel

From the “Truth Really Is Stranger Than Fiction” Dept.: A Chicago-area woman is being sued for emotional distress consequent to sperm theft. Though the court has pretty much already agreed that “it was a gift — an absolute and irrevocable transfer of title to property from a donor to a donee […with…] no agreement that […]

Firewire and FAT32

by Rob Friesel

Gruber (condensed): Apple slashes iPod prices across the board but makes a few changes along the way — namely switching from an included Firewire cable to an included USB2.0 cable and all-together removing certain accessories from some of the higher-end packages. Oh, and the shuffle uses a FAT32 filesystem. We’ll return to the FAT32 issue […]

Gilmore v. Ashcroft

by Rob Friesel

“Grounded…” is a decent article in the Post-Gazette of Pittsburgh, PA about John Gilmore and his fight against being required to show photo ID to board planes. I’ve said here before how there are parts of Gilmore’s argument with which I do not agree — mostly that I don’t think personal privacy should (and this […]