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Daily Archives: September 6, 2005

/. gamer round-up

by Rob Friesel

WoW Helping or Hurting the Industry? – – simple answer: let it run its course. The difference between WoW and (their example) Need for Speed is partially immersion and partially replayability. Make a MMORPG Need for Speed and capture the motorhead speedfreaks. The time-investment/subscription model may be a real revolution for the game industry. May […]

FEMA sucks

by Rob Friesel

As if all the other crap about FEMA going around wasn’t enough, turns out their site won’t let you file a report w/o being on Windows and in IE. Time to write an open letter to the US govt that boils down to: “If your agency sites can’t support open standards, we might need to […]

dream.20050906: Darth Stoli

by Rob Friesel

Industrial room. Very end-of-Terminator style. Very Empire Strikes Back Bespin mining colony. The room seems to go on without limits in all directions but invokes acute claustraphobia because of the crowded machinery. Robot arms swing wildly. Zero gravity. Darth Vader seems to be the only object unaffected by the zero-g. His light saber glowing a […]