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Daily Archives: October 1, 2005

more SyncTunes

by Rob Friesel

Recent experimenting with launchd led us to today’s (failed) experiment in the on-going “SyncTunes” project. (See previous references here and here.) Short version: have activate via launchd when a user logged in, copying a master $ituneslib file over to $userlib. Then, while the user was logged in and playing songs through iTunes, would […]


by Rob Friesel

Maybe I’d never heard of Firefly before because its short stint on TV happened to coincide with when A & I didn’t have one and watched even less of it. Maybe it’s Serenity‘s upcoming release that brought it on to our radar screen. Or maybe it was just chance. In short, it’s a Steampunk/Western & […]

dream.20051001: mushrooms

by Rob Friesel

“Super Mario Brothers” meets Another Roadside Attraction meets Dawn of the Dead. Late afternoon mushroom picking. They only grow on dead bodies. But they instill one with supernatural strengths. It’s also all there is to eat except perhaps the dead bodies. But the fact that there are mushrooms growing on them is enough to suggest […]