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Daily Archives: November 17, 2005

new mix: Viral Tonsilitis

by Rob Friesel

Something of a trance homecoming for me. I threw this together more/less off-the-cuff tonight since I sat down to write and just spaced. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a little sick again? Who cares. Presenting… Viral Tonsilitis a Texture mix: The Crystal Method “Cherry Twist” Paul Grogan “Haleakala Sunrise” Tekara “Breathe In You” (Lost Tribe […]

re: MS Office 12 Beta

by Rob Friesel

Via Slashdot: a quickie round-up on Microsoft’s beta release of Office 12, including screenshots, a link to the PC Magazine review and more. …Office 12 introduces a new interface based on tabs that organize sets of functions under headings such as ‘Write,’ ‘Page Layout,’ and ‘Review,’ plus a combination toolbar-and-menu called the ribbon, which displays […]