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Daily Archives: November 21, 2005

Monday Top 10

by Rob Friesel

The Sampo Method(Last Played is in the last 1 week, Date Added is in the last 2 weeks, Genre does not contain “Mix:”; Limit to 10 songs selected by most often played.) Front Line Assembly “Justify My Love” Front Line Assembly “New Years Day” Intermix “Ceremonial Chant” Pro-Tech “Thread Four” Synaesthesia “Nomads” Conjure One “Redemption […]

under the aegis of the state

by Rob Friesel

“The Bad Lieutenant” is an interesting article about video game violence by Clive Thompson: Consider our gaming history […] anti-gaming critics didn’t really explode with indignation until Grand Theft Auto 3 came along — the first massively popular modern game where the tables turned, and you finally played as a cop-killing thug. […] Why weren’t […]

Top 10 Geek Novels

by Rob Friesel

Earlier today, I posted a link to Schofield’s “Geek Top 20” novels. Then over at Modus Ponens we have the challenge: “What are your top 10 geek novels?” Once again: geek or nerd? (But I digress…) Snow Crash Neal Stephenson Ubik Philip K. Dick Exit Strategy Douglas Rushkoff Perdido Street Station China Mieville Gravity’s Rainbow […]

Top 20 Geek Novels

by Rob Friesel

Via Slashdot: The Guardian’s Top 20 Geek Novels (written since 1932) The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell Brave New World Aldous Huxley Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip Dick Neuromancer William Gibson Dune Frank Herbert I, Robot Isaac Asimov Foundation Isaac Asimov The Colour of Magic Terry Pratchett […]

dream.20051121: good reception

by Rob Friesel

My alma mater, St. Mary’s College of Maryland is now offering a graduate program with MAs and PhDs in an assortment of arts and sciences. In the (true?) St. Mary’s spirit, it’s a remarkably rigorous program (on paper at least) and folks are competing rather aggressively to get in. An announcement has gone out that […]