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Daily Archives: November 29, 2005

not a surprise

by Rob Friesel

Via Boing^2: “Surprise! Computer scientists model the exclamation point” – – /sigh again? As A will no doubt attest, this is nothing new. There have been biological and mathematical models of “surprisingness” for quite a while. (Decades, if I’m not mistaken.) Does science have to take place at UC Berkley USC to be important or […]

more serendipity

by Rob Friesel

Via TUAW: the Internet iTunes Registry – – upload the XML dump of your iTunes Library and join the info smorgasboard! On first glance, this seems an awful lot like a variation on what I was talking about recently in “programming serendipity” – – it’s a little too soon for it to be “the lazy […]

Mac@Home (part two)

by Rob Friesel

Hot on the heels of my last rumination on the subject, the (so-called) rumors start flying about the next Mac mini release being A/V-oriented as something of an Apple PVR/media center device. TUAW and Gizmodo both follow-up on the ThinkSecret post that highlights the “Kaleidoscope” Mac mini as scheduled for release come MacWorld in January. […]

Omen on the High Court?

by Rob Friesel

Washington Post article “Omen on the High Court?” remarks on the recent damage to the “Authority” statue on the Supreme Court’s building yesterday (28-Nov): At the foot of the Supreme Court steps, where engineers were photographing the remains of the Vermont marble pieces and carefully loading them into crates, one onlooker nudged a friend: “Notice […]

dream.20051129: bike chain

by Rob Friesel

There’s some kind of “build your own bike” web meme going around. Basically everyone is posting there 10 Steps (always 10 Steps) on how to build their own bike. For most folks it’s more like “list 10 ingredients” than “10 steps”. I’m not participating per se (I have no real interest in building a bike […]