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by Rob Friesel
  • The Indexed Phobia List confirms that “ambulo” and “thanato” are good roots to use in my zombie-phobia neologism. (And confirms that “ambulo” is the preferred prefix in the phobia realm for “walking”.)
  • Little piece off on “Why Web 2.0 will end your privacy” (at least, your privacy as you know it … spime-watch anyone?)
  • Via TUAW: Painter’s Picker┬áis the new mandatory system-wide OS X plug-in. Download it. Now! I mean it!
  • A List Apart: The Four-Day Week Challenge
  • Keep checking back: one Seattle family tries living car-free for a year
    • SIDE NOTE: Interesting to note here who their audience is. Let’s (safely?) assume that they’re trying to reach people in their same demographic: middle-class white polluters families. There are plenty of working-class folk living in urban areas that are already practicing this lifestyle – – and not by choice. But hey, let’s hope their message reaches at least some of the folks they’re trying to reach.

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