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wrapping stuff up

by Rob Friesel

Earlier this week, I linked out to an article about “why Web 2.0 will end your privacy” and then (via B^2) I see this one on “hot products from the future“.  I immediately thought of the printed Wired‘s back-page monthly feature “FOUND ARTIFACTS FROM THE FUTURE!” that I so enjoy.  Of course, the convergence point […]


by Rob Friesel

The Indexed Phobia List confirms that “ambulo” and “thanato” are good roots to use in my zombie-phobia neologism. (And confirms that “ambulo” is the preferred prefix in the phobia realm for “walking”.) Little piece off on “Why Web 2.0 will end your privacy” (at least, your privacy as you know it … spime-watch […]

Feature Request for Web 3.0

by Rob Friesel

Open note to all those working on the “[tag]social software product[/tag][s]” of “[tag]Web 2.0[/tag]” (or are otherwise pre-gaming for [tag]Zeldman[/tag]’s hypothetical [tag]Web 3.0[/tag]): [tag]Semantic equivalent[/tag]s in tagging apps. I don’t think this is anything remotely like a new idea but SERIOUSLY please make your applications smart.  And by “smart”, I mean that if you’re going […]