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by Rob Friesel
  • 43 Folders on “12 ways to better sleep” – – almost all of these are things I’d discussed with my doctor last year when I had my last really serious insomnia bout. I’m right there with him on the melatonin, too. That always helps but I’ve heard you’ll want to be cautious with your long-term dosages if you’re male. (Sorry, no source!) The other thing that helped me was new shoes, of all things. My doctor explained that I wound up with all of this back and neck muscle tension that was keeping me awake (or else waking me up) because my shoes didn’t offer enough support. New shoes and a little exercise later and I was right back to lamb-like sleep. (The melatonin helped that first week or two, also…)
  • Via B^2: “And what are all 10 commandments?” […] “Um. I can’t name them all.” I’ll bet there’s at least one of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights he’s having trouble recalling as well.
  • Via /.: How much should broadband cost? (Unfortunately, the “low cost” of DSL carries the additional price tag that accompanies a landline. The $20/month or so savings that came from switching from Adelphia cable to Verizon was washed out pretty quickly.)
  • Another via B^2: Helix: a new online SF mag. (And the organizer appears to be a Gaithersburg resident, too. Yeah hometown!)
  • And something fun… (Sorry kids, Macs only…)

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