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by Rob Friesel
  • A couple of nice article slugs on [tag]LifeHacker[/tag] about how to keep a [tag]budget[/tag] and how to manage your [tag]emergency fund[/tag]
  • B^2 plug for [tag]Dale Bailey[/tag]‘s collection [tag]The Resurrection Man’s Legacy. Looks like it will be a good bunch of reading.
  • Pink’s Wired article “What Kind of Genius Are You?” is available online. Interesting read:

    We meander through the museum and stop awhile in Gallery 238, which includes two paintings by Jackson Pollock. Galenson gestures toward the first, The Key, done in 1946, when Pollock was 34 years old. It looks like a child’s drawing – thick lines, crayony colors, underwhelming. “Pollock was a really bad artist at this point,” Galenson says.

    Nearby is another Pollock, Greyed Rainbow, a large and explosive work done in 1953. It’s spectacular. Pollock was an experimental innovator who spent two decades tinkering, and this painting is a triumph of that process. To paint it, he laid the canvas on the floor, splattered it with paint, walked around it, tacked it to the wall, looked at it, put it back on the ground, splattered it with more paint, and so on. “This painting is full of innovations,” Galenson says, “but Pollock arrived here by trial and error. He was a slow developer.”


    We walk back to The Key. “Look at this thing,” Galenson says. “It’s a piece of crap. If that weren’t by a famous artist, it wouldn’t be here.” […] “If Pollock had died at 31, you never would have heard of him.”

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