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Daily Archives: January 23, 2008

links for 2008-01-24

by Rob Friesel

Are you as creative as you want to be? via (tags: lifehacks creativity essay todo) My Guide To Gardening Warren Ellis: “You see, the Earth’s natural tendency is to fuck with you. This is the secret of gardening. The planet does not want to give you anything. Mulching the soil is like waterboarding Gaia.” […]

Burlington Telecom

by Rob Friesel

Thanks Burlington Telecom for finally relieving me of Comcast. Service speeds approximately 6.7 times better1 for only about 5% more per month? Yes, I’ll take it.  For certain activities (e.g., grabbing new email messages, downloading an already “lite” webpage) there isn’t much difference to notice; but for others (e.g., downloading a DMG of the new […]