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Daily Archives: April 13, 2010

review: High Performance JavaScript

by Rob Friesel

While reading Nicholas Zakas’ High Performance JavaScript, it occurred to me that there were actually two different reviews that I wanted to write. So, rather than try to reconcile them into one review, I’ll simply apply them here as an ordered list. (1) To continue with the JavaScript University metaphor (from my review of Zakas’ […]

Linkdump for April 13th

by Rob Friesel

Formations and transformations: Samuel Delany’s Dhalgren at (tagged: Dhalgren Delany essay todo ) Brown-Bag on Public Speaking: 25 Tips at Redfin Corporate Blog (tagged: presentations article essay publicspeaking education ) Crockford on JavaScript: A Public Lecture Series at Yahoo! (tagged: crockford video javascript webdev todo ) ECMA-262-3 in detail at Ajaxian — an interesting-looking […]