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Linkdump for March 19th

by Rob Friesel
  • Nice breakdown by MSDN of what CSS properties/values/selectors/etc. do and do not work in different versions of Internet Explorer. I was pleasantly surprised to be reminded of how many things actually do work (and/or "work well enough") even down in the hell of Internet Explorer 7.
  • By Chris Spooner writing at Line25. It's mostly just the fundamentals (nothing too crazy in there), and it doesn't really go into the nuances of particular design choices (esp. w/r/t/ how to organize these items at the code level) — but it's a decent introductory piece.
  • By Tony Schwartz writing at the Harvard Business Review. Good advice.
  • By Farhan Thawar, writing at TechCrunch — but a word to over-zealous managers that may be prone to getting sucked in by fads: "All things in moderation." As with all other places, that applies here. I agree that there are some real benefits to pairing, but there are also plenty of occasions where this can be disastrous, especially for certain types of people. (*cough* Introverts!)
    (tagged: pair programming )
  • Douglass Rushkoff writing at

    What we lack is not employment, but a way of fairly distributing the bounty we have generated through our technologies, and a way of creating meaning in a world that has already produced far too much stuff.

    Read this around the same time as you read that 3/14/2012 Matt Taibbi piece in Rolling Stone about Bank of America.

  • By Matt Taibbi, at Rolling Stone, re: B. of A. and its sordid business practices, and its role in the big crash, and how we're just going to let it happen again.

    As plaintiff attorneys noted, the application “means that Bank of America is an admitted felon.” Think about that when you hear about all the bailouts the bank has gotten in the past four years. A street felon who gets out of jail can’t even vote in some states – and yet Bank of America is allowed to receive billions in federal aid and dominate the electoral process with campaign contributions?

    Makes me angry. Makes me want to find ways of getting any and all of my money as far away from this thing as possible.

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