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Linkdump for November 13th

by Rob Friesel

Steampunk Gilgamesh: The Annotated Version (tagged: Gilgamesh history alternate versions steampunk ) A cultural thought experiment Charlie Stross on understanding the hyper-rich through the lens of tomorrow's history. (tagged: future wealth politics money society essay todo ) Improving Rhino CLI utility performance at NCZOnline: "That’s 3 seconds, down from 45 seconds before the change. Not […]

Linkdump for February 5th

by Rob Friesel

Building Web Applications With Apache Ant at Julien Lecomte's Blog (referenced in Zakas' Professional JavaScript for Web Developers) (tagged: webdev tutorial javascript css ant build performance todo ) Medical journal recants 1998 study linking autism to vaccine – The Globe and Mail via Slashdot: Ten of Wakefield's 13 co-authors renounced the study's conclusions several years […]