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Linkdump for August 18th

by Rob Friesel

UglifyJS at GitHub (via Badass JavaScript) — a new minifier/mangler/compressor utility running in Node.js. (tagged: code javascript compression Node.js minify ) A JavaScript implementation of the Content Aware Image Resizing algorithm at Badass JavaScript — this seems to keep coming up… (tagged: canvas html5 javascript image todo ) When does JavaScript trigger reflows and rendering? […]

Linkdump for June 7th

by Rob Friesel

JetBrains WebStorm via Ajaxian —"The best IDE for Web development with JavaScript, HTML and CSS" (tagged: css editor html html5 javascript software webdev work todo ) Futuristic mega-projects by Shimizu at Pink Tentacle (via Boing Boing) (tagged: research future architecture design environment energy inspiration scifi sustainability ) A multicellular organism that lives without oxygen at […]

Linkdump for December 31st

by Rob Friesel

Crafting Subtle & Realistic User Interfaces At Flyosity (via JR) – re: “what exactly is button?“ (tagged: ui ux Essay todo ) What storytelling risks could Avatar have taken? at B² – having had about two weeks to unpack it now, I must say that I feel similarly. I hope to put together a more […]