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“simply take up elsewhere with no change in thinking”

by not another Rob?

“And, to be honest, if I could be uploaded tomorrow into some AI version of the internet or become a nascent Mars colonist, I would reject both options as morally, ethically wrong. You cannot trash an entire planet, kill billions of organisms (often for no reason at all), and then simply take up elsewhere with no change in thinking or accountability.”

Jeff VanderMeer, Redefining Utopia and Dystopia or Post-Apoc

Linkdump for January 27th

by Rob Friesel

JavaScript pattern and antipattern collection A neat little collection of JavaScript patterns (and anti-patterns), collected and curated by Shi Chuan. (tagged: patterns javascript ) An interview with William Gibson William Gibson, interviewed at The Verge: The idea of rarity and value and collectibility fascinates me in an abstract sense. It doesn't particularly drive me to […]