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Linkdump for September 12th

by Rob Friesel

JSTalk (tagged: javascript Cocoa JSTalk todo ) Re: 2012, Zombies & The Singularity at Babel Clash by paolobacigalupi (via John Joseph Adams) (tagged: zombie ambulothanatophobia essay blog todo ) Mac Dev Center: What’s New In Mac OS X: Mac OS X v10.6 via DF — heady stuff and most of it over my head, but […]

links for 2007-01-25

by Rob Friesel

Apocalypse Scale via Beyond The Beyond *and* Warren Ellis: “A Richter Scale for the End of the World.” (tags: future research apocalypse) Your 2007 Personal Finance Calendar via (via LifeHacker) (tags: lifehacks money personal tutorial todo) Learn Cocoa via Cocoa Dev Central (via TUAW): from a first-glance look at it, it’s a “lite” tutorial […]