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Linkdump for November 22nd

by Rob Friesel

Add Some PJAX to Grails Bobby Warner writes up his approach to introducing some "pjax" to a Grails app by extending the GrailsLayoutDecoratorMapper. His approach is easy to understand and will probably work quite well for most projects. That being said, I think that pjax is a great technique, but I've found that the jQuery.pjax […]

Linkdump for August 23rd

by Rob Friesel

Setting up the Ultimate Mac mini Home Theater at TUAW (tagged: Mac Macmini hometheater howto hardware tutorial ) Storyist 2.0, a professional’s writing tool at TUAW (tagged: writing software todo ) punypng at Gracepoint After Five (via Ajaxian) — PNG Image Optimization and Compression (tagged: PNG graphics webdev work ) Where I Write via B² […]

Search Term Haiku: December 2008

by Rob Friesel

Facebook breastfeeding Quicksilver copy and paste zombiephobia or: fast torpedo sled bike from ME to AK holiday book lists As an aside to last month’s search term haikus, a couple of interesting observations from December’s search terms: 229 “zombie phobia”-related searches referred — including 21 for “ambulothanatophobia” and even one for “ambulothanatophobia get over it”. […]