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Yours Truly: Signature in Apple Mail

by Rob Friesel

A few months ago in my “pre-packaged [tag]Apple[/tag] apps vs. [tag]Mozilla[/tag] equivalents” round-up, I made mention of how Apple’s [tag]Mail[/tag] (or the dreaded “[tag][/tag]” if you prefer) application had mediocre [tag]signature[/tag] support. My criticism went something like: Pain in the butt. Can’t reference external files and what’s worse, you can’t edit the HTML source of […]

Apple vs. Mozilla

by Rob Friesel

A change may be due on the web and email apps front… I may be pushing some of the limits of what Apple’s Mail and Safari apps can really offer me but… But I cling to them pretty desperately for some reason. Nostalgia? Because they came as part of the package? Can’t pin it down – – there’s also the pain in the ass of switching applications like this. So after being more/less forced into using Firefox and Thunderbird “exclusively” recently, I thought to myself it might be worth it to give each a shot for a solid week and see how it panned out. After Day 1, I came up with a version of the following scorecard to try and weigh this out for the long term…: