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Homebrew #92: Clone in the Window (Mk. II)

by Rob Friesel

I already mentioned some Vermont homesickness. Well… it’s not going to be cured by just a single batch. It’s going to take multiples. It seemed fair to clone the mead first because the mead scene here is… not Vermont’s. That said, I’ve been able to get some decent beers. Even some decent rye IPAs. But […]

Homebrew #57: Clone in the Window

by Rob Friesel

Over the years, I’ve drunk more than my fair share of craft beer. And of all those craft beers, most of them were from our local Vermont breweries. And of those breweries, Burlington Beer Company has (in a short time) taken over the #1 slot. That is due, in large part, to their very (very) […]

Homebrew #34: Let the Wookiee Win (Mk. II)

by Rob Friesel

Though loved, the original Let the Wookiee Win probably didn’t get a fair shake. Readers familiar with that tale will remember that it was my first kegged beer, and suffered from just about every first-timer mistake I could manage. I wanted to give another crack at this one, perhaps without accidentally spraying it all over […]