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Linkdump for September 8th

by Rob Friesel

JavaScript shell scripting / via Ajaxian — a little more useful info on using jsc (tagged: jsc javascript shell console terminal scripting tutorial todo Mac OSX ) JavaScript on the command line or as a shell scripting language at Ajaxian — /usr/bin/jsc for me, baby… (tagged: javascript shell scripting terminal command console todo ) […]

TV causes autism? But how? HOW?

by Rob Friesel

Via /.: A new paper out of Cornell (PDF) finds a compelling correlation between [tag]TV[/tag] viewing in young children (3 years old and younger) and incidents of [tag]autism[/tag].  Being no fan of television myself, I’m certainly intrigued by the proposition – – anything to cut down on the television.  My problem with the article/thesis/whatever (however) […]