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Daily Archives: August 30, 2005

dream.20020802: beyond ultraworld orbital

by Rob Friesel

posted way after the fact: I knew something was horribly wrong because of all the rope. More specifically, it was the rapelling and the rope. The part that was supposed to be training came in dream-like flashes within the dream. (Meta-dreaming? I don’t know.) Tom Ridge featured all too prominently in those early flashing portions. […]

essay question

by Rob Friesel

Via Smart Mobs – there’s a petition going around to get Google to stop posting ads for essay writing services. The ethics of this are a touch complicated, no? On the one hand you have the argument that this undermines education. Sure, OK. I’ll buy that. But where’s the free market? Is this the same […]

dream.20050830: DBA

by Rob Friesel

There was an infinite row of sexless clones at spare computer terminals all entering commands into a mysql prompt. Except that it was always secure text entry, all the time. The screens looked like: **************** They all had shaved heads except me. I had my hair. This one guy leaned over to tell me that […]