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Daily Archives: August 28, 2006


by Rob Friesel

Seriously, why aren’t we using [tag]secure email[/tag]? Interesting /. slug on getting an African-language [tag]Wikipedia[/tag](s) up and running. “What use is an encyclopedia when literacy rates among a language’s speakers approach zero?” [tag]Flickr[/tag] appears to have streamlined [tag]geo-tagging[/tag]. w00t! Also: [tag]Croque-monsier[/tag]? Look delicious! currently playing: Blonde Redhead “Elephant Woman”

dream.20060828: passive avoidance

by Rob Friesel

Urgency.  Family is waiting downstairs and outside.  Trying to keep away.  “Retire to my room for a bit” is a way of hiding.  The room is long but not wide.  It’s very cluttered.  It’s on the second floor.  It’s night outside but the back yard and oversized driveway are lit up by the headlights on […]