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Daily Archives: November 23, 2006

NaNoWriMo: 23-Nov

by Rob Friesel

Writing location: kitchen table > The Chair > kitchen table > couch > The Chair… …back on track. Got the daily average back up to 2,006/day. Still optimistic that I’ll hit 50k with time to spare. Quite the full day today too and I still managed this one: Today’s Oblique Strategy: The most important thing […]

Happy Thanksgiving

by Rob Friesel

A little holiday humor… Thanksgiving! What’s on the menu? The Traditional: Turkey with stuffing, trimmings… The Vegetarian: Tofurkey loaf with squash medley The Bachelor: Hungry Man Turkey Cutlet meal via microwave The Iconoclast: Rack of Pilgrim Ribs, bitches… The Kingdom: Flank of cow moose drizzled in musk… Poll totally poached from The Wrangle. Happy Thanksgiving […]