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Linkdump for April 2nd

by Rob Friesel

A New Green Agenda for Commuters Lisa Margonelli writing for The Nation: The cost of owning and driving a car should be a major political issue. Republicans have spent the past decade talking about lowering taxes, while Democrats have put enormous effort into lowering medical costs; but most families spend more on their cars and […]

Linkdump for May 22nd

by Rob Friesel

50 Banned Books That Everyone Should Read at Online College Degree — because everyone loves a "banned books" list. (tagged: literature censorship ) 40+ Eye-Catching Mac Screensavers (tagged: Mac screensaver ) ECMAScript 5 Objects and Properties (tagged: ecmascript javascript dev work essay todo ) Woot : Unused Car Lots: Now What? Sure, we could just […]

Linkdump for April 6th

by Rob Friesel

Peanut Butter Ice Cream with White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups *d*r*o*o*l* (tagged: food todo ) Federations Another great-looking anthology compiled and edited by John Joseph Adams. Plus a few free samples up on the site. (tagged: scifi fiction free todo ) Free remarkable short sf from Paolo Bacigalupe via B² — I tend to like […]

Linkdump for January 25th

by Rob Friesel

These are my links for January 21st through January 25th: