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Search Term Haiku: December 2006

by Rob Friesel

Actually, enough good new material this month for two; and the best part is that I can assure everyone that these search strings are 100% pure and unaltered: old schwarzenegger ghetto bastardization scorpio tattoo the sickest ever airport management humor baltimore sushi “Search Term Haiku” is a series wherein I examine this site’s log files […]

Where to be in the coming Apocalypso…

by Rob Friesel

Via [tag]SustainLane[/tag]: Ten U.S. Cities Best Prepared for an [tag]Oil Crisis[/tag] – – a.k.a., “Where you want to be when the economy collapses.  Ranked on dimensions such as average commute times/distances, public transportation ridership, and (gasp!) wireless connectivity, the folks at SustainLane ranked the 50 largest U.S. cities according to how well they would survive […]