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Linkdump for December 20th

by Rob Friesel

IE10 CSS Hacks Louis Lazaris at Impressive Webs. I'd somehow missed this — that Internet Explorer 10 was not going to support conditional comments. (Probably because I don't pay enough attention to IE-related news?) Conditional comments were only ever "the least hacky" way of dealing with ID's quirks — and though "a hack is a […]

Linkdump for October 29th

by Rob Friesel

jQuery source viewer Useful little utility by James Padolsey. (Side note: this is one thing about the jQuery API docs that bugs the shit out of me: that you can't jump to the source code. This appears to solve that problem.) (tagged: jQuery JavaScript ) Towards A Retina Web Reda Lemeden, writing at Smashing Coding […]