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haiku movie review: Barry Lyndon

by Rob Friesel

some say “slow moving” but instead ’tis action packed. still, please be patient. Seriously.  You need no additional evidence that Kubrick was a bat-shit insane genius than this film. Anyone that says that describes it as “slow moving” is expecting entirely too many explosions for something set in the 18th century.  Or they’re not paying […]

Apple vs. Teh Postal Service

by Rob Friesel

So is anyone else just plain sick and tired of this freakin’ story? To me it’s just another chapter in the s/he said s/he said po-mo mythology of who said what when why where first and whether or not it’s all that original and/or (re?)mix-worthy in the first place. Statement one: [tag]The Postal Service[/tag]’s video […]