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by Rob Friesel

So I watched [tag]2010[/tag] tonight since my local Blockbuster doesn’t seem to have [tag]2001[/tag]. This is a drag for several reasons. But for several other reasons, I’ll live with it. 2010 is good enough in it’s own right. Potential spoilers below: First and foremost, it stands well enough on its own. You get enough of […]

Apple vs. Teh Postal Service

by Rob Friesel

So is anyone else just plain sick and tired of this freakin’ story? To me it’s just another chapter in the s/he said s/he said po-mo mythology of who said what when why where first and whether or not it’s all that original and/or (re?)mix-worthy in the first place. Statement one: [tag]The Postal Service[/tag]’s video […]