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Linkdump for September 23rd

by Rob Friesel

Maximus Clarke talks with William Gibson about his “speculative novels of last Wednesday” by Maud Newton (via B²) (tagged: williamgibson fiction scifi interview writing ) George Lucas Stole Chewbacca, But It’s Okay at Binary Bonsai (via B²) (tagged: starwars Chewbacca creativity design film essay todo ) jQuery Regular Expressions Review (Rev:20100921_1700) via @rmurphey (tagged: regex […]

Linkdump for September 10th

by Rob Friesel

My experience of dConstruct 2010 at abitgone+ (via DF) (tagged: essay design dev todo ) JavaScript Query Engines at DHTML Kitchen—if you can get past the implied "frameworks/libraries are always bad and you're an idiot for using them" attitude, there is some interesting discussion in there about JavaScript-based DOM querying engines. (tagged: css javascript css3 […]