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Monthly Archives: September 2003

hot damn!

by Rob Friesel

I’m such a sucker for this stuff… Viva la 64-bit revolution! Yes, even more on the G5. Yes, even more on Apple. Yes, this graphic design stuff is my business and so I can’t help but get excited even if I’m fully aware of how crassly commercial it can so easily be… The Power Mac […]

dealerskins bad.

by Rob Friesel

At least 1,000 automobile shoppers who submitted online credit applications to any of 150 different automotive dealerships around the U.S. had their personal and financial details exposed on a publicly-accessible website, according to a computer security consultant who stumbled across the privacy gaffe. Dumb arses.

can you ping me now?

by Rob Friesel How about that? Hit it from work today. But only on port 8080. Curiously, not on port 8000 or 2600, which should also have been available options. I half-expected port 80 to not work — be blocked at the gateway level or some other ISP shenanigans… (This doesn’t bode well for the next project […]

ping this.

by Rob Friesel

still no end of irritation with this apache/dynamic-dns experiment. got the server visible for a few minutes today when i bypassed the router. so it works. but that doesn’t do me a whole lot of good considering that the router is (well) necessary for the setup here. so we still can’t see detonator-3 from behind […]


by Rob Friesel

Dan Kaminsky, a packet-obsessed crypto guy, has been monkeying with volumetric ways of visualizing the randomness — the entropy — in sets, and along the way, he’s started visualizing other kinds of information. Neat stuff, this “time as third dimension” stuff. “…we’re going to abuse the technology a bit in the name of art…”