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Daily Archives: November 2, 2005

Revenge of the PNG

by Rob Friesel

The recent re-tooling here at F_D left us with some pleasing results which (unfortunately?) illuminated Internet Explorer’s PNG-display bug. My troubleshooting searches led me to the Lovitt Methods re: dealing with PNGs and IE. Tonight, I finally got it working. Well, more/less working. It always looked good in Safari and Firefox & Mozilla — now […]

“the greatest postmodern art film ever”

by Rob Friesel

Neat article on Slate: “Star Wars: Episodes I-VI – The greatest postmodern art film ever” (by Aidan Wasley)… …Lucas takes this self-consciousness about narrative artifice a step further: He makes explicit his theoretical interest in the mechanics of plot. […] characters come to understand that there is another agent, external to themselves, that is dictating […]