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Daily Archives: July 12, 2006


by Rob Friesel

A couple of nice article slugs on [tag]LifeHacker[/tag] about how to keep a [tag]budget[/tag] and how to manage your [tag]emergency fund[/tag]… B^2 plug for [tag]Dale Bailey[/tag]‘s collection [tag]The Resurrection Man’s Legacy. Looks like it will be a good bunch of reading. Pink’s Wired article “What Kind of Genius Are You?” is available online. Interesting read: […]

VoodooPad 3.0!

by Rob Friesel

[tag]VoodooPad[/tag] is up to 3.0.  Still undecided it I’m going to upgrade just yet.  There are now 3 tiers of the application and I’d lose the encryption unless I went “Pro” but man a tabbed interface and that PDF service are pretty sick looking…  And man (OH MAN!) does that “[tag]linkback[/tag]” feature tickle me in […]