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Monthly Archives: December 2006

dream.20061226: quadrilateral

by Rob Friesel

I am trying to clear my name.  A building: square, central courtyard cut-out, offices along the sides and stairwells at the corners.  I’m here with a small crew?  You all wait outside while I try and clear my name.  An interview?  An interrogation?  Some simple misunderstanding?  The office is empty when I go inside.  Do […]

dream.20061222: new teeth

by Rob Friesel

The dentist is very concerned about the state of my bottom teeth.  He won’t tell me what’s wrong but he does explain that they’re in very bad shape.  He’s afraid that he needs to pull them.  From the bottom left incisor through the next four choppers.  It’s going to be quite a procedure.  He sends […]

dream.20061219: the jacket

by Rob Friesel

An almost high school hallway but it never ends, doorways on all sides.  I’m too old for these childish games but just the same, I’m trying to fit in with this half-dozen or so of The Cool Kids.  We’re all laughing and I think we’re laughing together but they’re laughing at me.  Like I’m The […]

links for 2006-12-19

by Rob Friesel

Making PNG image transparency work in Internet Explorer via 24th Floor (via command_tab): A good (and succinct) redux on how to get PNG’s alpha working properly in Internet Explorer. (tags: IE hack CSS png graphics tutorial) Audacity Free Audio Editor and Recorder (tags: opensource Mac OSX audio software music todo Audacity) Defining the Centipede Bruce […]