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Monthly Archives: May 2007


by Rob Friesel

Before. During: After. UPDATE: Almost forgot… If you’ve got an extra 10 inches and the mood strikes you to go short, please consider donating it to — the donations go to make wigs for kids with cancer. (And the whole set is up on Flickr, of course.)

links for 2007-05-23

by Rob Friesel

Really Slick Screensavers The folks that brought you “Helios”… (tags: screensaver OSX graphics) LolCat Buildr (tags: lolcats humor cats) – Image Redirection via LifeHacker: quickly embed an image w/o hotlinking (tags: tools web hack graphics) flickrSLiDR via LifeHacker: Embed Flickr Slideshows within Your Site (tags: Flickr blog)

live Junior Boys, anyone?

by Rob Friesel

Our man JDS over at False 45th has posted a few live cuts from the Burlington show back in April (previously…). Pretty exciting stuff. Especially since he is promising more. The sound quality is excellent. He’s split the show up into individual tracks and has tried to cut out some of the chatter. (Remembering correctly […]