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Monthly Archives: July 2007

dream.20070731: frozen

by Rob Friesel

I wait in line all day and into the night.  For some World of Warcraft sequel?  I had no idea; I play along.  A co-worker admits that he played games as a kid so that he would understand the computers when he got a job and now he has a job to pay for the […]

Sunday a.m.

by Rob Friesel

Mission(s) accomplished?  No Ladycop last night; ’round town strolls instead led us to The Half (where else?).  Creighton has unleashed Pimm’s.  No one in this town carries The Orb; neither new nor previously enjoyed.  However, Saturday was filled with almost too many serendipitous moments.  Today seems to lend itself to gardening.  We’ve pulled the last […]

Really Simple Publication (a sort-of-but-not-really conclusion)

by Rob Friesel

As you may recall, I started this article thread back in September, asking the question: “How do I teach web publication to a scientist and/or university professor? Someone who is obviously smart but also technologically UN-savvy?” After setting some ground rules, we quickly eliminated Microsoft Word and all-but-eliminated iWeb.  Then I went on a roughly […]

weekend to-do list

by Rob Friesel

Per  jbarlet’s invitation, join the A+++ group on Flickr; after figuring out the rules; maybe after owning-up to the fact that A. actually took the picture mow the freakin’ lawn Ladycop show on Saturday go get a copy of The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld (how do I not have a copy of this?) return […]

links for 2007-07-27

by Rob Friesel

Boing Boing: MP3 Mixtapes: Balkan hotsteppaz, hardcore klezmer, Roma rap, Raï @B^2: “Typsy Gypsy” is probably the coolest DJ name ever (tags: mp3 music todo) The WebKit Open Source Project – WebKit Project Goals via TUAW: “…WebKit seems to be getting pressure from a lot of new angles to implement certain features […] like support […]

All Families Are Psychotic

by Rob Friesel

Argh. This book was maddening. Coming off the heels of Generation X and Microserfs, I suppose my expectations were pretty high but this really felt like the literary equivalent of bottoming out. With All Families are Psychotic: A Novel, Coupland thrusts us into this absurdly over-the-top comically dismal present tense-ish Florida that just doesn’t ever […]