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Linkdump for June 17th

by Rob Friesel

Jo JavaScript Application Framework for HTML5 (tagged: CSS3 html5 javascript library ui webdev todo ) Pro Git (tagged: git documentation work ) A successful Git branching model at (tagged: work git dev essay branching ) Ephphatha Poetry: "Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black" – Tim Wise via @ebertchicago: Imagine that hundreds of black […]

Linkdump for November 8th

by Rob Friesel

October 2009 browser stats: Firefox finally passes IE6 at Ars Technica — possibly the worst, most mis-leading graph of all time but if those numbers are accurate, at least the conclusions are great news (tagged: IE Firefox stats ) Emission Impossible?: Is Dark Matter Behind the Hazy Radiation at the Milky Way’s Center? at Scientific […]

Macrodobe vs. Microsoft?

by Rob Friesel

Neat article off Int’l Herald Tribune re: some elements to consider in the recently-finalized [tag]Adobe[/tag]/[tag]Macromedia[/tag] merger/acquisition festival (first announced in April). The “good point” is their citation of how Microsoft plans to bundle print-to-PDF capabilities into [tag]Windows Vista[/tag] (much as Apple already does with [tag]OS X[/tag]). This $650 million threat to Adobe’s [tag]PDF[/tag]-creation-software business underscores […]