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Linkdump for November 26th

by Rob Friesel

Why Washington needs Joe Biden Alex Seitz-Wald, writing at Regardless of whether you agree with him [Biden] or not, or if history has proven him right or wrong, he is one of the few figures in the most senior echelon of foreign policy thinking in Washington willing to give voice to unpopular views on […]

Linkdump for December 23rd

by Rob Friesel

CoffeeScript Another one via @fogus… (tagged: javascript programming language todo ) The Best Ruby Books via @fogus (tagged: programming Ruby books resources todo ) YUI Doc A New Tool for Generating JavaScript API Documentation » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (at YUIBlog) (tagged: javascript yui documentation tools generator todo ) Why I’m An Atheist A Holiday […]

Linkdump for January 2nd

by Rob Friesel

Irish atheists challenge blasphemy law at BBC News: "This new law is both silly and dangerous," he said. "It is silly because medieval religious laws have no place in a modern secular republic, where the criminal law should protect people and not ideas." (tagged: atheism Ireland news ) 10 Easy Ways to Green Your Web […]

Linkdump for November 11th

by Rob Friesel

15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee at The Oatmeal — I love this design. (tagged: coffee design visualization ) Fox News Fact-Checks Sarah Palin’s Coin Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO) short version: "Sarah Palin is too crazy even for the crazy network." Personally I'd like it if "In God We Trust" came off the money all together […]

links for 2006-10-26

by Rob Friesel

False 45th (tags: Vermont blog music) Charlie’s Diary Blog of author Charlie Stross (tags: blog writing scifi future fiction politics) The Brights’ Net (tags: atheism politics secularism science) Wired 14.11: The Church of the Non-Believers (tags: essay atheism science politics todo) Wired 14.11: Very Short Stories Six-word short stories from sci-fi authors, futurists, etc. Some […]