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Linkdump for May 17th

by Rob Friesel

Apple’s new Objective-C to Javascript Bridge Nigel Brooke at Steamclock Software: These APIs becoming public could be a huge boon to those of us that are interested in using JavaScript in their apps in various ways. It would be an official way to do some of the things enabled by third-party platforms (like Cordova, Appcelerator […]

Linkdump for April 29th

by Rob Friesel

The Myth of America’s Tech-Talent Shortage Jordan Weissmann writing for The Atlantic. And/but what I want to know is: Who are these companies that are clamoring to hire people on an H1-B because it's supposedly cheaper? The "indentured labor" line reads like a bit of a boogeyman to me, and though I'll buy the bit […]

Linkdump for October 20th

by Rob Friesel

Photographers, embrace Instagram Richard Koci Hernandez, at Great piece on Instagram and "phone photography" more generally. Photo apps won't magically give Jane the smartphone photographer a better sense of composition, or lighting, or framing. The apps and filters only change a photo's look and aesthetic feel. That doesn't make it a better photo. If […]

Linkdump for December 22nd

by Rob Friesel

Attackers Buying Own Data Centers for Botnets, Spam at threatpost (via B² (via /.)) (tagged: spam hacking crime politics security research ) The Physics of Space Battles at Gizmodo (via A.L.) (tagged: writing scifi science research physics todo ) Life on Mars theory boosted by new methane study at International Space Fellowship (via /.) (tagged: […]